Viewsonic Widescreen Monitor

ViewSonic Widescreen Monitor Review

Move over 21 inch monitor, you’ve just been outclassed by a new 24 inch DVI monitor. Man, I remember starting out with a 14 inch monitor on my first computer, and that was black and white, too. Now, I’m upgrading to 24 whole inches of color, right here on my desktop. These old gopher eyes can sure use that bigger image. Not only that, but with this baby, I can hook up my Blue-ray and watch my movies while the little gophers are using the big set to watch their cartoons. I can’t wait to get it hooked up.

The Product

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Our Review

This ViewSonic Widescreen Monitor is a great deal for those who want to upgrade to a bigger monitor experience at 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. The unit comes with built-in speakers and hookups for both DVI and VGA. It’s also, believe it or not, both PC and Mac compatible. With this monitor, you can really turn your computer into a home entertainment center, and do so at a reasonable price.

Once I shooed the little gophers out of my office, I dug my 24 inch DVI monitor out of the box and hooked it up. I didn’t think that the difference between 21 inches and 24 inches would be much, but I was wrong. That extra couple of inches really makes a difference. It was great working on my computer with the newer, bigger monitor, made me wonder why I’d waited so long.

Next it was time to check it out for movies. With both DVI and VGA hookups, I can leave both connected all the time, saves moving wires around or trying to run my movies off of my computer. A 24 inch DVI monitor isn’t big screen, but for watching movies in my office it was pretty darn cool. The only thing I’d say wasn’t quite up to par was the black not seeming quite as black as it should be. The backlight leaked around the edges just a tad on the dark scenes too.

The speakers weren’t all that impressive. But then, what should I expect from mini-speakers installed in a monitor. For normal stuff they’re all right, but they just don’t have that “big sound” I like for my movies.

The Look

The whole thing looks great. Sleek, shiny black; flat screen, narrow edge. The color was great too; nice and crisp, with vibrant colors. Really made those images pop out.

Setting up the Viewsonic Widescreen Monitor

What can I say, it was smooth sailing. No special setups for the computer or the movies. A few wires to connect, but really not all that bad. The only strange thing was that the DVI cable didn’t come with it. Oh, well, I had one sitting in the closet.

Sound Quality

Like I said, the sound wasn’t all that great. Not all that loud, or full either. Really, it’s about what you would expect from internal speakers. While it works, it’s not something to listen to a concert over.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your monitor, I’d say go for it; you won’t be disappointed. The couple of little things I’ve mentioned as negatives are just that, a couple of little things. Overall, this is a really nice monitor, that’ll give you a great image for your computer and your movies.


  • The price, who would have ever thought that it would be possible to buy a 24 inch monitor for this price?
  • Both VGA and DVI hookups
  • Ready for whatever, right out of the box, no special setup


  • DVI cable doesn’t come with it
  • Speakers, while usable, aren’t great

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