V7 3-Button Laser Gaming Mouse

V7 3-Button Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Wow, are you sure that’s a laser gaming mouse at that price? I mean, I’m used to seeing gaming mice for $50, $60 even $70, not for $19.99, Can it really be true? Or, is this just a late April fool’s gag that the Chief Gopher is pulling on me? Oh well, at least I get to check it out.

You know the best thing about being a product review gopher? You get paid to play! Now, is that cool, or what? And since this is a gaming mouse, I’ll just have to try it on some games. Sounds like I need to check it out real thoroughly, he he he.

The Product

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Our Review

When I took this laser gaming mouse out of the box, the first thing that hit me was the size. Now, I’ve got big paws, but this thing is 4.6 inches long, so if you’ve got little paws, you might find it a little bit hard to hold on. Some gophers with small paws like it and some don’t, just depends upon your preference.

At 2000 max dpi, this laser gaming mouse isn’t going to win any contests for being the fastest mouse in the west, but it just might win a contest for being the cheapest laser gaming mouse anywhere. For pure speed, others have got it beat. But, if you’re not a real serious gamer, you’re not going to be able to use a 4,000 dpi mouse anyway.

The two side buttons are conveniently located, right where your thumb falls upon them. The rubberized scroll wheel has a nice feel to it too. In fact, the whole thing’s got a pretty good feel to it.

The Look

I don’t think that V7 was out to win any design contests with this mouse; it’s not fancy, not racy looking, and the V7 logo really is kind of simple. But it doesn’t look all that bad either. It’s just kind of… well… simple.

Setting up the V7 Laser Gaming Mouse

USB Plug & Play, what more can be said. Plug it in and get ready to go. Actually, I had a little trouble setting up the buttons, but once I figured out what to do, it wasn’t all that bad.


For a mouse that isn’t advertised as being an ergonomic mouse, this one’s really pretty comfortable. It might be a problem for those gophers that have small paws, but my paws are right comfortable on it.


You know, if I was a real gamer, I’d be disappointed with the sensitivity of this laser gaming mouse. I mean, in today’s gaming world, 2000 dpi isn’t really all that fast. Granted, it’s a whole lot faster than the standard 800 dpi of a regular mouse, but there are gaming mice out there that’ll do 4,000 or even 5,600 dpi. Now that’s fast. Of course, they aren’t selling for this kind of price either.

Should you buy it?

If you’re a casual gamer or looking for a first laser gaming mouse, I’d definitely have to say yes. But, if you’re a heavy-duty gamer, you’re going to be disappointed in what this mouse doesn’t have.


  • Adjustable sensitivity – up to 2,000 dpi
  • LED sensitivity gauge
  • Great price


  • No high enough sensitivity for really serious gamers

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