Satechi iPhone Alarm Clock

Satechi iPhone Alarm Clock Review

Nobody likes getting up in the morning, especially our Gophers. The only thing worse than waking up, is being woken up with the ear-shattering scream of a bad alarm clock. Yea, you can always put it on the radio instead of the air-raid siren setting, but if you’ve got an iPhone we’ve got a better option. The Satechi iPhone Alarm Clock Radio wakes you up, and it does it in style. Whether you want to wake up listening to Little Wayne, Jeff Beck or your local country station… the Satechi Sp-3 will hook it up.

The Product

Satechi iPhone alarm clock radio

Satechi Docking Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod
List Price: $49.99

from: Satechi

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  • LCD backlit screen with dimmer displays time, volume & function features
  • Built-in alarm clock activates iPhone or iPod and FM radio station with Snooze & Nap function
  • Fully-functional remote control handles both your speaker & iPhone 4 or iPods
  • Compatible with iPod nano G1/G2/G3/G4/G5/G6, iPod Touch G1/G2/G3/G4, iPod Classic 80Gb/160Gb and iPhone 4/3Gs/3G (works with bumper on)

Our Review

The Satechi SP3 iPhone Alarm clock is great in several ways, and lacking in others. It doesn’t look bad, it’s not too big and it sounds good. The alarm clock also allows you to charge your i-device while listening to music which is a plus as you can drift off listening to your tunes and wake up with your phone charged. The gophers were very pleased in all of these areas. That being said, the Clock display was so bright at night that the Gophers corneas were almost scorched. You can turn it down or off; we went for off.

The Look

It’s not the sexiest product to ever grace our offices, but it does have a strange sort of old school meets new school appeal to it. The Satechi iPhone Alarm Clock Radio has a minimalistic look that reminded the gophers of the old boxy 80s alarm clocks, but the chrome accents and overall design give it a bit of a modern feel. Either way, it’s a device that will fit in no matter where you set it up in your home.

Setting up the Satechi iPhone Alarm Clock

Not much to setting this one up. Just plug it into the wall, pop your iPod/iPhone into the top, and your all set. If you’re looking for an alarm clock that’s simple to setup, look no further.

Sound Quality

Standard quality audio is what you’re going to get with the SP3. It doesn’t sound bad, but it could sound a lot better. It’s unlikely that you’ll keep a party going with this little unit, but it’s an alarm clock not a boom box. It sounded good at low levels, and at high volumes the sound managed to keep itself in check without getting distorted or muddled. It’s definitely nothing you’re going to brag about, but it does get the job done.

Should you buy it?

After testing this out, questioning the gophers and consulting our magic 8-ball… we were still a little undecided on this unit. At around 50 bucks it’s not exactly cheap, but it does do what it’s supposed to do. You can play your jams while charging, and it ensures you won’t oversleep and be late for work in the morning. It also comes with a remote which is a godsend for us lazy folk; not a lot of fun to stumble across the room to adjust your music player. Overall, it sounds good but not great, and does what it advertises. If you want a reasonably priced alarm clock / iPhone dock this may be just for you. If you’re looking for a high-end audio player, you should look elsewhere.


  • Easy to setup… even Grandma will have no problem!
  • Remote Control
  • Charges your iDevice while playing music
  • Compatible with a wide range of Apple iPhones & iPods


  • Clock light setting isn’t that adjustable, can be very bright
  • Better sounding units in a similar price range

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