Logitech Z323 Speaker System

Logitech Z323 Speaker System Review

Hey wow, I didn’t know speakers could have families. That must be where they all come from. Just like when two gophers get together you end up with little gophers. I guess when big speakers systems get together they make little speaker systems. Last week I had Logitech’s Z523 desktop speakers on my desk and this week I’ve got its little brother, the Logitech Z323 speaker. How about that?

Gee, I wonder if speaker little brothers can be as annoying as gopher little brothers can be. I remember how my little brother was, way back when. Come to think of it, he’s still the same way.

The Product

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Our Review

Well, like I said, this looks and acts just like the Z523’s younger brother. The two satellite speakers even look a lot like the satellites on the bigger Logitech Z323 Speaker. There are some distinct differences though. While these satellites also have both front and rear firing transducers, like the Z523s, the port has been moved to the front. You still get the same clear highs and midrange, whether you’re in front of or behind the speakers, but it’s maybe a touch crisper in front.

The subwoofer is where you really see the difference between these Logitech desktop speakers and their bigger brother. The down-firing woofer will still give you some bass; but I guess their voice hasn’t finished changing, because it can get overdriven way too easy. Halfway up on the bass control is about as far as they’ll go, without distorting.

Speaking of bass control, Logitech moved it to the rear of the subwoofer. I liked that satellite mounted subwoofer for its convenience. Well, “la conveniencia se fue” as they say in Old Mexico; that’s “the convenience went away” for those of you who aren’t Mexican gophers.

Back with that bass control, they’ve got another set of hookups, so you can hook both your iPod and a CD player to these speakers, along with your computer, of course. So, you can use them for a little bit of everything, not bad as it saves you having to buy a mixer.

The Look

Unpretentious, stylish black satin, except for the front of the satellites, which are gloss black. Here’s another difference between these Logitech desktop speakers and the Z523s, the 523s satellites had real metal grilles on the speakers, while these have just fabric. I’m just waiting for some young gopher to put something through them. Or, maybe they’ll land on some toy the next time I knock the satellites off of my desk. Yeah, us old gophers are a little clumsy at times.

Setting up the Logitech Z323 Speaker

Once again, Logitech did this part right. The power cord is a standard AC power cord, with the transformer on the inside of the subwoofer. No ugly wall warts to clutter up my plug strip collection. Audio cords for the satellites come out of one connector on the subwoofer, splitting off to the two desktop units. Convenience personified.

Sound Quality

Up to about half bass volume level, these things sound great. This gopher is big on classical and jazz, so I ran it through the paces. Just to be fair though, I ran a little Bruce Springsteen and Janis Joplin through them too. Everything sounded good, until I got the bass too loud. If you’ve got a small room, or don’t need lots of bass, they’re a winner. But if you want to shake the floor, you’d better like distortion.

Should you buy it?

You know, I guess this is more of a money decision than anything. If you can afford the $30 to $40 extra, the Z523s are worth it. If not, and you’re not trying to make your eardrums meet in the center of your skull, you won’t be disappointed with the sound you get out of the Logitech Z323 Speaker.


  • 360 degree sound – really nice when you’re sharing across the desk
  • No wall wart for power
  • Crisp highs and clear midrange


  • Bass gets muddy and distorted if you go too high
  • Bass volume control is on the back of the subwoofer

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