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Logitech X-140 Speaker Review

When I first saw a picture of the X-140, I thought it was trying to look a lot bigger than it is. This little desktop computer speaker is styled to look like something you’d buy for your home stereo system. It wasn’t until I took a good look that I realized that these are desktop computer speakers, not floor standing speakers for a stereo system.

Ever since Logitech put out their first mouse, oh these many years ago, they’ve had a reputation for quality and innovation. So, I decided I needed to be fair to these speakers, and give them a good once over.

The Product

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Our Review

The X-140 looks like a fairly ordinary desktop speaker of the black variety, designed to be connected to your computer system. Like most desktop speakers, it comes in pairs, one for the right ear and one for the left. However, they don’t hang on the ears all that well. I guess I’d be better off leaving them on my desk.

They’re plastic cased with a metal front. One speakers sports a power knob, volume control and jacks for both input and output. There’s a regular AC plug for power, instead of the usual mini transformer/adapter that always causes problems on a plug strip.

We put the X-140 through the paces is our high-tech testing lab, otherwise known as my office. Since my office is in my home, my two assistants Greg and Zach (ages 8 and 3) helped with the testing. First test was the indestructibility test. Greg and Zach went to it with gusto, trying to use the front of the speaker for a dart board with pencils for darts, dropping things on them, and dropping them on the floor. They even offered one to the dog for a chew toy. The result of all this destructive testing? We found out that the X-140 is indeed one rugged speaker. While we’ve managed to get some scratches and tooth marks on the case, it hasn’t affected the function of the speakers a lick.

Not all desktop speakers have a power button, but Logitech took pity on those of us who need some quiet now and then by including one on this design. They’ve also added an audio input, for attaching your iPod or other audio device direct to the speaker, without having to connect it through your computer. Nice job!

The Look

Like I said, these speakers look like they’re trying to imitate their big brother that’s attached to the stereo system. If you’re looking for something that’s going to make people go “Wow, what’s that thing?” These aren’t the speaker for you. On the other hand, if you want a simple, unobtrusive speaker to sit on your desktop, without stealing anyone’s thunder, the X-140 is a good choice.


This is one area where the X-140 really shines. I’ve never liked all those little transformer/power supply adapters cluttering up my plug strip. Logitech has actually put a regular AC power cord on these speakers, mounting the transformer inside the speaker, where it’s not in anyone’s way. Good job, Logitech!

Other than the power plug, what is there to hooking up speakers? Plug one in to your computer, and then plug the other one into it. While you’re under the desk looking for the jack on the back of your computer, make sure you pull out the dog’s toys, those pesky dust bunnies, and the stapler you lost last week.

Sound Quality

Greg and Zach were both in agreement that the speakers sounded great for their games. But, when we had their older brother, a music major in college, listen to them, he turned his nose up. While these are excellent speakers for casual listening, you’ll never be able to distinguish the violinist with the squeaky bow in the third row of the orchestra through them.

Logitech brags about built-in bass equalization in this speaker. While I’ll have to say it’s not as good as a real woofer would be, it’s better than most desktop speakers. If you’re a real rock fan, get off the dime and buy yourself a set with a separate woofer, but if you just want something basic, this one will do it.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a good mid-priced speaker that will last, this one’s a good one to buy. I’d definitely give it two thumbs up. On the other hand, don’t expect these speakers to satisfy a true audiophile; they’re going to need something a little more sophisticated to satisfy their ears.


  • Integral AC cord, with no transformer to clutter up your power strip.
  • Rugged design, withstands the dangers of kids, pets and nerf wars.
  • Integral input jack for iPods and other audio devices.
  • Logitech’s reputation for quality.


  • It’s not a Picasso, but then, nobody said it was.
  • Sound quality, while decent for the average user, isn’t good enough for a pro audio expert.

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