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Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System Review

Last time I went to my local electronics store looking for speakers, I felt like I was at a carnival. All I needed was some cheesy character calling out “Try yer luck.” I mean, sometimes it feels like that when you look at all the various models that manufacturers put out these days. Well, with the T10, if that same hawker were in my office right now, he’d be saying, “We’ve got a winner here folks.” That is the Creative T10 desktop speakers are the winner, not me.

The Product

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Our Review

The T10 speaker system looks a lot like any other desktop speaker system, nothing fancy or wild here. You’re not going to scare the dog, or impress ET with these. The two things that you notice right away are the separate tweeter and the bass port. Other than that, they’ve got a nice solid look to them, with a grand piano type of finish that the little gophers will love.

For under fifty bucks, you can’t beat these Creative desktop speakers. Creative has come out with a nice combination of features to make some really great sound, and all this without a sub-woofer to get kicked on the floor. Crisp, clear highs, solid sounding mid-bass, and plenty of volume at 5 Watts RMS per channel. Hey, they’re speakers, right? It’s supposed to be about the sound.

The crossover does a good job of separating out the highs, so that the tweeter is really doing its thing, instead of having to deal with a bunch of mid-range waveforms. That’s what really makes the high-end sound so good on these speakers. With a tuned bass port, you get a nice solid bass sound, without the extra expense of a separate sub-woofer.

Creative has even included the necessary hookups so that you can use these for your MP3 player, or hook up the old headphones when the neighbors start complaining late at night. The tone control isn’t spectacular, but hey, these are desktop speakers, not a home stereo system.

The Look

Simple, sleek, black satin finish that looks pretty good sitting on the desktop. Nothing wild, just simple and nice. The tweeter looks pretty sharp the way they’ve got it exposed for all the world to see. Creative’s put a bit of an angle on the front of the T10 to make the speaker cone point more directly at you, for the fullest sound effect you can get.


Not really much to it. The plug goes in the back of the computer, and the included cord connects one speaker to the other. Hook up the included power supply and you’re ready to go. Not much that can go wrong on the hookup.

Sound Quality

The really great thing about Creative’s T10 desktop speakers is the high end sound; crisp and clear is what it’s all about. You’re going to hear stuff you didn’t know your music had. The mid-bass comes out nice as well, even without a separate woofer or sub-woofer. The only thing that’s a little lacking is the mid tones, not enough to worry about, but not as perfect as the highs and lows.

As with most speakers using a single tone control, moving it very far away from center really makes things sound weird. For minor adjustments, it’s great, for the biggies, maybe you need to invest in an equalizer.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for great sound from a 2.1 speaker system, and don’t want to go over $50.00 this is a real winner. I don’t think you’re going to find better sound in this price range than Creative’s T10 desktop speaker system.


  • Great sounding highs
  • Good mid-bass from the tuned port
  • Built-in headphone and accessory jacks
  • Great overall sound


  • Not “sexy” looking
  • The tone control could use a little work, but if you leave it alone, you’ll never notice
  • The mid range isn’t spectacular, but the other tones make up for it

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