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Docking Station for iPod

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Logitech Z523 Review

Have you ever seen a cartoon where the bass was so strong that it shook the guy right out of his chair? Well, I always thought they used some mono stereo system to do that, but I think I found the Logitech Z523 Speakers to do it. Yeah, I said desktop speakers. You know there are a lot of 2.1 speaker systems out there that brag about their bass, but this set’s really got something to brag about.


Bose CineMate Series II Review

There are certain brand names that are associated with quality or making the best products in their fields. Want a quality TV? Give us a Sony any day. If the gophers want some chocolate, they prefer Nestle. Well, when it comes to “Quality” speakers, Bose is usually the first name to come to most people’s minds. Every time we get to check out a Bose Digital Home Theater we get happy, and while we may get a little “sticker shock” we are never disappointed.


Harman Kardon GLA-55 Loudspeaker System

There are a lot of different words you could use to describe these speakers, but we just prefer to call them Awesome. The Harman Kardon GLA-55 Loudspeaker System looks like it might have been unearthed from Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull. It wasn’t, but if it had been at least one thing good would have come out of that movie.

These Harman Kardon Loudspeakers pound out the sounds, and they do it from a very small package. The actual woofer is only 3 inches, but puts out the sound of a woofer 6 times its size. Looking for small speakers with big sounds? Well, look no further than the Harman Kardon GLA-55’s.


Logitech S120 2.0 Multimedia Speakers

Whether you are listening to some tunes, or playing World of Warcraft until your eyes bleed, you’ll need some speakers. If your broke (or just cheap) like a lot of us, you may want to check out these Logitech desktop speakers.

Do they sound good? Considering the price, yes they do. Are they sexy? Well, not really. They aren’t your hot next door neighbor, but you wouldn’t kick them out of bed either. Let’s see what the Gophers thought…


Satechi Wireless Stereo Speaker

Life is sweet. Especially when companies like Satechi send me products that haven't even hit the market yet so I can review them and give my "professional" feedback. Today is an important day. has the opportunity to give YOU its first EXCLUSIVE REVIEW of the brand new Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker System.

Gophers, tighten up your braces because this is going to be a bumpy ride!