JBL Speaker Reviews

JBL Creature II Speaker System

Gopher: What is it?
Zach: Does it eat gophers?
Gopher: I don’t think so.
Greg: Looks pretty dangerous to me. You touch it first.
Gopher: Me, why me?
Greg & Zach together: Because you’re dad!
Okay, so I touched it, and you know what? It didn’t bite, instead music started coming out of it. Then I realized that these crazy looking creatures weren’t aliens which had come to invade us, they’re JBL desktop speakers.


JBL Duet Aluminum Speakers

You know, I’ve had so many desktop speakers come into my testing lab (otherwise known as my office) lately; that I thought there was nothing else to surprise me with. Then, along comes JBL; yeah, yeah, another pair of JBL desktop speakers, yada, yada. Look a little different, but then, you’ve got to look a little different to get any attention any more.

But, you know, I think they could have put these speakers in an old coffee can and still gotten attention. For a 2.0 speaker system, you won’t believe the sound these babies can put out. With these JBL Duet desktop speakers, it’s not about the look, it’s about the sound; and at a great price too.


JBL Duet III Speakers

JBL’s Duet III desktop speakers look to this old gopher like the champagne of desktop speakers. These are a really beautiful set of speakers, right off the bat. It looks like something made for the rich folks. The question is, does it sound like something made for the rich folks? Aha! Well, c’mon now, it’s JBL, you know, they’ve got a great reputation for high-end audio, both in home stereo systems, and commercial applications.