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Bose CineMate Series II Review

There are certain brand names that are associated with quality or making the best products in their fields. Want a quality TV? Give us a Sony any day. If the gophers want some chocolate, they prefer Nestle. Well, when it comes to “Quality” speakers, Bose is usually the first name to come to most people’s minds. Every time we get to check out a Bose Digital Home Theater we get happy, and while we may get a little “sticker shock” we are never disappointed.


Bose Computer MusicMonitor

Old Gopher: “Bose, those little things are Bose?”
Chief Gopher: “That’s what they say on the front.”
Old Gopher: “You’re not playing a trick on me, are you? You know, taking the Bose logo and putting it on some cheapo speaker, just to see if I’ll still give it a good rating.”
Chief Gopher: “Hey, don’t believe me, listen to them. You’ll be able to tell.”


Bose Companion 3 Speakers

Wow, Bose! The Chief Gopher usually doesn’t let me play with anything this fancy. I mean, like it’s Bose, you know? Just the name gives me the heebie-jeebies. You know, I’ve been an audio guy even longer than I’ve been a computer guy, so this ought to be great.

You know, I never figured out why Gophers went to computer houses, looking for great audio. If you want great audio, you’ve got to go to an audio house. That’s what I’ve always said.


Bose Companion Speakers

Whether you’re listening to Snoop Dog or Conway Twitty, these Bose desktop speakers will sound great. They are supermodel sexy and won’t take up much space. If you are looking for a unit to rock out your with at your desk, these will do the trick. They aren’t cheap, but that’s how it goes with Bose.

If you want to upgrade your current setup and have some money to spend, these might be for you. We ran them through the ringer and here is what the Gophers decided.