LED Monitor Reviews

Viewsonic Widescreen Monitor

Move over 21 inch monitor, you’ve just been outclassed by a new 24 inch DVI monitor. Man, I remember starting out with a 14 inch monitor on my first computer, and that was black and white, too. Now, I’m upgrading to 24 whole inches of color, right here on my desktop. These old gopher eyes can sure use that bigger image. Not only that, but with this baby, I can hook up my Blue-ray and watch my movies while the little gophers are using the big set to watch their cartoons. I can’t wait to get it hooked up.


Asus 19 inch Widescreen LED Monitor

Wow, these LED monitors have really come a long way. I remember the first ones, how the blacks were more like charcoal than a true black. They were expensive too. Well, can’t say that any more, not with this 19 inch LCD DVI monitor on the market. Yep, the price has really come down; why, it’s cheap enough for a gopher to afford a nice monitor now.