Bose Wireless Music System

Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System Review

Are you looking to purchase some serious speakers? Well look no further, because this bad boy will blow you away. Bose speakers are known for their great sound quality and stylish looks. Well, these Bluetooth bose speakers are no different. They might not be cheap, but if your looking for some seriously sweet sounds, then your gonna love it.

The gophers took these on a test run and did not want to give them back. Here is what they thought…

The Product

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Our Review

It’s a Bose, You could stop right there and still impress most people. The name aside, you only have four pieces with this unit, including the speaker, Power cord, USB key, and the remote. It is a breeze to set up and as great as it looks, it sounds even better.

They are not cheap by any means, but like the old saying goes…you get what you pay for. What you will get with these awesome speakers is life-like sound that will knock your socks off. You’ll have no issue with lack of bass, or with anything else. The SoundLink system is great and the USB key is extremely handy. These are truly some outstanding speakers.

The Look

Bose = stylish and sexy. The name alone is enough to make most people try this slick speaker. They have the typical Bose design, look classy, and sound superb. There aren’t many speakers that are sexy enough to impress chicks, but these Bluetooth bose speakers will.


If your device has a USB port, you’ll be set up and blasting tunes within minutes. Just pop your USB key into the drive and your all set.  If you have trouble setting it up for any reason at all, Bose has great customer service and will have you fixed up in no time.

Sound Quality

Whether you’re a fan of Rock, Rap or Blues, they all sound great on this system.  We tried some Lil’ Wayne and the hootchies came running. When we went to Country, the neighbors broke out the PBR and started drinkin’. We even tried out a few “nature” tracks that the Gophers truly loved. The point is, everything will sound great with this setup.

Should you buy it?

If you can afford it, yes. If you are pinching pennies, but still want good sound…then take out a loan. You really can’t put a price on quality, and that’s one thing this unit has in spades. Whether it’s the quality craftsmanship or the quality of the sound, this setup is just bad ass. Besides that, your friends will envy you and the chicks will dig it. Yes, even the females know the name glorious name “Bose.”


  • They will connect to any A2DP enabled devices.
  • It’s a Bose
  • Outstanding sound quality
  • The USB key is just handy
  • Bluetooth


  • They aren’t cheap…

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