Audioengine a5 Desktop Speakers

Audioengine a5 Desktop Speakers Review

Audioengine has produced another great sounding set of speakers for you to enjoy. This time they are in the form of the Audioengine 5 desktop speakers. The white body, with black accents gives it a classy feel. Think James Bond, in speaker form. Guess what? They sound great as well.

We ran some tunes through them and played a few games. This is what our Gophers found…

The Product

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Our Review

Audioengine 5 (A5) Premium Powered Bookshelf Speakers will bring you Award-winning sound and they are the Perfect Audio Upgrade! Real speakers, for all your music…

These are the total package. Looks wise, they are off the hook. You can get them in Black or White and they have an awesome, classy look. For the sound test, we blindfolded a few gophers and played some classical music. At first, they thought it was a Bose, and then they thought it might be a chorus of Angels singing. We almost lost one to a heart attack when we showed them it was just the Audioengine 5 series. Another great feature for you Mac fans, is the Airport Express port, very cool. Whether you are a serious audiophile or a newbie, you’ll be impressed with these speakers.

The Look

Wow. These are hotter than a two-dollar pistol. The front is sexy and the backside of this puppy even looks slick. They have a very “clean” look to them and will look good wherever you sit them. They are around 10” tall and 7 inches deep, so they will not take up a ton of space either. One of the coolest features was the fact that there are USB (for charging) and mini audio input ports on the top of the left speaker. Very handy. You also get volume control on the front of the speaker.


It comes with anything you will need out of the box. Just plug in your AC cord and connect your wire from the active speaker to the right passive one. Put your music on and your good to go. It is very simple and it can be hooked up in a variety of different ways depending on your setup.

Sound Quality

Awesome. It did not matter how hard the Gophers cranked it up; the sound quality stayed the same. These really sounded great, and the clarity of the music surprised us. They are a bit pricey, but well worth it if you want good clean sound. Even the bass was great with this unit. The bass notes were tight and not muddled, even at higher volumes. If you do need more “thump”, there is a bass port included on the back. For sound quality, these puppies get an A++

Should you buy it?

Yes. They have a killer look, and the sound is outstanding. As we mentioned, they aren’t cheap but for the sound they pound out, it’s worth it. The quality is right up there with Bose and the other big dogs in the industry, but these are a little cheaper. Not much we can say bad about them…


  • The sound quality is outstanding…
  • They look awesome
  • Powered USB port to let you charge while your listening.
  • Apple Airport Express
  • Won’t need anything extra to hook them up, even comes with a carrying bag for each speaker
  • You can turn them up really LOUD!


  • The price

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