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Harman Kardon GLA-55 Loudspeaker System

There are a lot of different words you could use to describe these speakers, but we just prefer to call them Awesome. The Harman Kardon GLA-55 Loudspeaker System looks like it might have been unearthed from Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull. It wasn’t, but if it had been at least one thing good would have come out of that movie.

These Harman Kardon Loudspeakers pound out the sounds, and they do it from a very small package. The actual woofer is only 3 inches, but puts out the sound of a woofer 6 times its size. Looking for small speakers with big sounds? Well, look no further than the Harman Kardon GLA-55’s.


Logitech S220 Speaker System

Wait a minute, is that right? A 2.1 speaker system for that low a price? Hey, Chief Gopher, did they get the price right on this one? I mean, I’ve seen a lot of speakers systems around here, but this is more like what I’d expect to pay for a pair of Logitech’s desktop speakers. Man those folks at Logitech never cease to surprise me. Lets find out how the Logitech S220 Speaker faired against our reviewer's scrutinous review.


Logitech Z323 Speaker System

Hey wow, I didn’t know speakers could have families. That must be where they all come from. Just like when two gophers get together you end up with little gophers. I guess when big speakers systems get together they make little speaker systems. Last week I had Logitech’s Z523 desktop speakers on my desk and this week I’ve got their little brother, the Logitech Z323 Speaker. How about that?
Gee, I wonder if speaker little brothers can be as annoying as gopher little brothers can be. I remember how my little brother was, way back when. Come to think of it, he’s still the same way.