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Razer Bluetooth Notebook Gaming Mouse

Razers, start your engines… Unlike most wireless mice, which are kinda-sorta general purpose mice, Razer advertises their Orochi Bluetooth laser mouse as being specifically made for gaming. What would make a mouse better for gaming? How about 7 fully programmable buttons? If that doesn’t grab you; how about 4000 dpi sensitivity instead of the standard 800 dpi? Either way, this is a mouse that’s ready to fly.


Logitech S120 2.0 Multimedia Speakers

Whether you are listening to some tunes, or playing World of Warcraft until your eyes bleed, you’ll need some speakers. If your broke (or just cheap) like a lot of us, you may want to check out these Logitech desktop speakers.

Do they sound good? Considering the price, yes they do. Are they sexy? Well, not really. They aren’t your hot next door neighbor, but you wouldn’t kick them out of bed either. Let’s see what the Gophers thought…


Bluetooth Bose Speakers

The first thing you think when you see the name Bose is : "Holy Gopher Gods, its a Bose!". Inner thigh moistness may develop depending on your level of enthusiasm.

However, be warned! Don't sell your soul yet for a Bose Bluetooth Headset. Read the following review and see for yourself if this bad boy is for you.

Our gophers gave this Bose piece the full run through - from mosh pits to the race track - Can you hear me now?


Bose Companion 3 Speakers

Wow, Bose! The Chief Gopher usually doesn’t let me play with anything this fancy. I mean, like it’s Bose, you know? Just the name gives me the heebie-jeebies. You know, I’ve been an audio guy even longer than I’ve been a computer guy, so this ought to be great.

You know, I never figured out why Gophers went to computer houses, looking for great audio. If you want great audio, you’ve got to go to an audio house. That’s what I’ve always said.


Satechi Wireless Stereo Speaker

Life is sweet. Especially when companies like Satechi send me products that haven't even hit the market yet so I can review them and give my "professional" feedback. Today is an important day. has the opportunity to give YOU its first EXCLUSIVE REVIEW of the brand new Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker System.

Gophers, tighten up your braces because this is going to be a bumpy ride!


Microsoft SideWinder X5 Mouse

Well, I guess I should have expected it; you can’t really be the big boys in the computer world if you don’t make a little bit of everything. And you really can’t be the big boys and ignore the gamers amongst us.

So, Microsoft’s come out with a gaming mouse huh? Wonder what it’ll do.