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Samsung Home Theater System

When they said home theatre system on this one, they really meant it. You name it, and you can hear it watch it and experience it on this Samsung Bluetooth speaker system. No wonder everyone likes it, with all that you can do with this system. Even Greg thought this system was worth it; in fact, we still can’t get him away from it… Greg, Greg, you’ve got to go to bed now! If you’re looking to enjoy some home theatre, this system will give you something worth enjoying.


Creative Inspire Speakers

Last time I went to my local electronics store looking for speakers, I felt like I was at a carnival. All I needed was some cheesy character calling out “Try yer luck.” I mean, sometimes it feels like that when you look at all the various models that manufacturers put out these days. Well, with the T10, if that same hawker were in my office right now, he’d be saying, “We’ve got a winner here folks.” That is the Creative T10 desktop speakers are the winner, not me.


Asus 19 inch Widescreen LED Monitor

Wow, these LED monitors have really come a long way. I remember the first ones, how the blacks were more like charcoal than a true black. They were expensive too. Well, can’t say that any more, not with this 19 inch LCD DVI monitor on the market. Yep, the price has really come down; why, it’s cheap enough for a gopher to afford a nice monitor now.


Bose Companion Speakers

Whether you’re listening to Snoop Dog or Conway Twitty, these Bose desktop speakers will sound great. They are supermodel sexy and won’t take up much space. If you are looking for a unit to rock out your with at your desk, these will do the trick. They aren’t cheap, but that’s how it goes with Bose.

If you want to upgrade your current setup and have some money to spend, these might be for you. We ran them through the ringer and here is what the Gophers decided.