Docking Station for iPod

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Satechi iPhone Alarm Clock

Nobody likes getting up in the morning, especially our Gophers. The only thing worse than waking up, is being woken up with the ear-shattering scream of a bad alarm clock. Yea, you can always put it on the radio instead of the air-raid siren setting, but if you’ve got an iPhone we’ve got a better option. The Satechi iPhone Alarm Clock Radio wakes you up, and it does it in style. Whether you want to wake up listening to Little Wayne, Jeff Beck or your local country station… the Satechi Sp-3 will hook it up.


V7 3-Button Laser Gaming Mouse

Wow, are you sure that’s a laser gaming mouse at that price? I mean, I’m used to seeing gaming mice for $50, $60 even $70, not for $19.99, Can it really be true? Or, is this just a late April fool’s gag that the Chief Gopher is pulling on me? Oh well, at least I get to check it out.
You know the best thing about being a product review gopher? You get paid to play! Now, is that cool, or what? And since this is a gaming mouse, I’ll just have to try it on some games. Sounds like I need to check it out real thoroughly, he he he.


Sony VAIO Bluetooth Laser Mouse

Hmmm, a Bluetooth laser mouse with a sliding aluminum cover; it’s obviously got something it’s trying to hide. Maybe it’s a secret compartment for spies to hide their microfiche. Or, maybe the buttons actually control the detonation of a secret, hidden nuclear device. Darn, where’s James Bond when I need him? Oh, never mind, it’s just the on/off switch for the mouse. Wow, really had me going there for a minute.


Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

Wow, once I got this mouse away from Greg and Zach, I was able to see what they were so excited about. The 5600 DPI sensitivity of this mouse really makes it perfect for gaming, especially when you want to zap the bad guy in the head. Not only that, but it’s just as good for graphics; that precision makes it really easy to use this laser gaming mouse for pixel by pixel adjustments to your favorite gopher graphics. What a mouse!


Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

Wow, I love this job. Can you believe it? I’m getting paid to play computer games. Haha, this is great. After all, I’ve got to check this Logitech laser gaming mouse out really well, before I can write a review on it. I guess the Chief Gopher’s not all that bad, after all. Neither is this mouse, wow, I really like the control it gives me.


Gigaworks Wireless Speakers

Okay, I think the Chief Gopher was trying to pull a fast one on me with these speakers. He told me they were Bluetooth speakers; so, being the trusting gopher I am, I tried to get them to link up with my laptop. You know what? They wouldn’t work. Can you believe that? Now, I realize that not everything that’s Bluetooth links up easily, but these; geez.

Oh, oops… guess what? They’re not Bluetooth. Creative has got their own proprietary wireless system that way outperforms Bluetooth, called X-Fi. These Creative GigaWorks speakers are designed to work with that.


Viewsonic Widescreen Monitor

Move over 21 inch monitor, you’ve just been outclassed by a new 24 inch DVI monitor. Man, I remember starting out with a 14 inch monitor on my first computer, and that was black and white, too. Now, I’m upgrading to 24 whole inches of color, right here on my desktop. These old gopher eyes can sure use that bigger image. Not only that, but with this baby, I can hook up my Blue-ray and watch my movies while the little gophers are using the big set to watch their cartoons. I can’t wait to get it hooked up.


Tenqa Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Have you noticed how everything’s going wireless these days? Why, I was visiting a geek I do business with from time to time, and it looked like his computer was just sitting on his desk for show. The only wire I saw for anything was the power cord. When I asked him about it, he said everything was wireless. Wow, I guess things have changed while I’ve been off hibernating.

Well, here’s another wireless gadget to throw in your bag; wireless speakers for all your Bluetooth gear. It’s actually pretty cool not having to hook things up, once you get used to it.


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